Monthly Archives: October 2012

Square a day #2

I found this on Raverly and thought that this granny square looks amazing!


How to make one of these? There are instructions for you.


Brain slugs!


Inspired by futurama, I made my own 🙂

Square a day #1

So many crochet bloggers are making now their own one-a-day granny square projects. Thought I might have my own too 🙂

First granny square found on Raverly 🙂

Panda gloves


Made for my friend’s girlfriend for Christmas last year 🙂

Cloudier Designs

Never actually thought how hard it is to start a blog post.

I decided to run this blog for couple reasons. First of all, this is going to be an inspiration for me, a motivation to make me work harder on my woollworks. I am lazy. I am terribly lazy. I really hope that blogging about what I love will help move it a little bit forward. Maybe I’ll learn new techniques? Maybe I’ll spend more hours a day doing it? We’ll see.

Another reason is that Cloudier Designs were a brand which was going to help me raise money for my biggest dream of all: going to China. Unfortunately so far I only made £20 on my work (and I won’t count how much I spend on wool before that…). Maybe, if I get better and my designs will be more and more perfect 😉 more people will become interested in buying some things from me and I’ll make my dream come true 🙂

So, if you have couple minutes a week to spare, please come back to this site and leave a trace – comment, like, just so you keep me motivated and focused on what I do 🙂