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Re-New scarf

I decided, that it’s time to have a look what I did over the years and re-design it a little so it can go on ebay or etsy to help me raise money for going to China 😉

Yesterday I found a scarf I did last year, it was just lying there in a closet, sad little scarf. It had it’s moment during Fashion Show at Soul and then it was forgotten.

Well, I gave it a little twist, adding a grey edge to it and it looks so much better! Loving it for the colours 🙂



Inspired by Etsy

I get my inspiration to do my knits and crochets from many different places. One of my favorite places to look for inspiration is Etsy. Recently I searched word ‘crochet’ there and went through 250 pages of items to find some inspiring stuff. And I must say – I have found a lot of it.

First of all there is this beautiful wrap or however you call it. I have to find out how to do such beautiful ruffles. Especially like the idea, that the scarf has also a flower. It makes it look very, very girly. I love things like that!

For quite a while now I am madly in love with crochet owls. Doesn’t matter if it’s a keychain, a bag or just a little toy, they are all very cute.

I am very fond of making scarfs, but sometimes too easy patterns make me bored. This pattern looks very easy, though it doesn’t look boring. I think, that’s the time to find a right wool to make this one. It should be very soft, not an acrylic one, as I usually use, but something special. Any ideas?

I must admit that- this scarf looks more like jewelry than anything else. And speaking about jewelry, one of the Etsy shops is selling crochet bracelets! I think they look very cool, especially worn with jeans and a plain t-shirt. Thinking about making one for myself.

I was showing you a couple scarfs already, so now it’s time for a hat. Obviously the one with a scarf as well 😉

It looks so cosy!

There is another hat in here, this one looks more stylish, but I think it would lokk so much better in a bit brighter colour.

I probably didn’t say it yet, but I am a huuuuge geek. I love sci-fi & technology and love crocheting characters from movies/cartoons or covers for computers or phones. That’s whhy I stopped to look at this phone cover (I am definitely getting one of these- I love colors, owl pattern and this cute flower! Amazing!), laptop cover ( I would get one, if I just didn’t get rid of my laptop) and this minion hat.

I was impressed by idea of finishing silk-like scarfs with crochet trimming. It might be something I look into in a close future – I have so many scarfs I don’t wear, maybe giving them a crochet twist would make them more appealing?

If we are on scarfs again, I just found one more. I think it would look much better in knit, not crochet, so welll: challenge accepted. I put it on my ‘to make’ list 🙂

This one is a great idea. A book cover! Who would think about that? Well, someone did, but… Well. All books are different size. It says on the pattern, that it has been created for paperbacks, but I read different types of books, and I can bet that everyone else does too. What a shame it can’t be universal.

Do you have a rug in your bathroom or in the bedroom? Why not have a crochet one of them. I have to find out how to make these flowers and have make me one of these, but… welll, my boyfriend like to walk in shoes in the house, so it probably get ruined very. very quickly 😦 maybe one day, when we have a bigger house 😉

On my windowsill in the kitchen there is a couple of crochet cactus ( I need to start showing you what I have made previously), but this one just took my heart away.


I am fascinated by this bag. How does it stay so square?

This one I won’t probably make myself, but I think it might be an awesome gift for a piano player.

Lovin’ wine & lovin’ cute covers.

So that’s all I found on 250 pages of Etsy crochet goods. I hope that you had so much fun looking through it as I had.

Next week I’ll be looking for ideas for Christmas makes 🙂

Granny square blanket

Yeah, so my one a day isn’t going very well. After initial 3 squares I gave up. I know. It’s not very good, is it? But I never said , that I am a persistent person. Because I definitely am not…. Anyways, I will try to catch up and make couple today or tomorrow.

Instead of making squares though, I had a different idea. I found all squares that I have left after many, many projects. That’s the outcome:

I thought: that’s actually a lots of squares, if I can only fit them together into a blanket…. And then I thought: I actually can! So I played with them a little and after I make a couple more of granny squares I will be making a blanket 🙂 Keep fingers crossed, that I will finish this one 😛

Keep  your fingers crossed!