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Baby hat

One of my first makes ever 🙂




Dark pink beanie

I love this one, as it’s made from a very soft wool. It’s very cosy and nice in touch.

Sunny beanie

Slouchy sunny beanie. Yes, I really like green elements on my work 😉

When I look at all these pictures I am realizing that I really need to learn how to take good photos…

Great idea for a colorful accessory. Endless possibilities with this one!

The Green Dragonfly

I know, I said I’d post this yesterday… but ya know how Sundays just get away on you sometimes? It was beautiful and we spent most of the day outside, in the garden and just, well…playing.

Crochet Belt Free PatternHopefully it was worth the wait?

Crochet Belt Free PatternSuper easy, quick and crochetlicious!

Crochet Belt Free PatternWell I think so anyway.

Crochet Belt Tutorial

You will need:

Yarn of your choice and a crochet hook to suit- I used DK and a 3.5mm hook (this is smaller than I would usually use, but I wanted it to be reasonably tight as I’m pretty sure the belt will stretch with time).

First up decide how long you would like your belt to be. This belt could be any length you choose… I like it with a bit of length to dangle, but you might not. Chain until you think it is long enough.

For this belt I chained 190.


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Mobius strip

I have made many of mobius strip scarfs/endless scarfs. This one is one of my favourites.


I was going through old photos and found one of my friends in a huge triangle scarf made by her grandma. I decided to make my own version with a modern twist.


You can purchase it here : [click]

Purple rain

I have found really beautiful yarns in the little shop in the city center. It’s led by very cranky couple, but I think it’s just this specific aura of the place they run 😉 it suits them. I had these yarns for over a year, and then suddenly a couple of weeks ago I found an idea for them.

Iwas going to London, to see London Fashion Weekend and I thought, that I could use some new hat to match my jacket (dark -black?- with green lining and some visible green stripes). And then I found these yarns and thought – hey, that’s it. Of course I forgot hat and gloves when I was going to London… So they will be on sale 🙂