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I forgot to show you this earlier. When I moved to Germany last month I was really struggling. Life without crocheting is sad 😉 So before my wool arrived from Ebay, I invested in white string and made this little pineapple doilie. I was struggling with the edging so changed it to a very simple one and I think it worked great. What do you think?



All together :)


Hearts once more

I promise, this is the last one 🙂

Hearts addiction

My heart will go on


Recently I have learned how to do little stuffed heart. There is more to follow this one 😉

Neon flower

As some of you know I recently moved from UK to Germany. First days were terrible – I didn’t have enough space in my luggage so had to leave all my wool back in Aberdeen and as we live in a small town I couldn’t get wool anywhere.

Hopefully there is Ebay. I founf this amazing shop (I will tell you about it later)  with a really cheap and (as it turned out) really good wool.

Here is what I started with – a triangular scarf with neon edging and a flower. Unfortunately pictures are not showing the colours right :/ But trust me, the flower and edging are neon 🙂

After I finished the scarf I made a hat to match it.

How do you like it?

Pacman handbag